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Troubleshooting Different Devices

When it comes right down to it, it isn't easy to troubleshoot electronics. In addition to having delicate circuitry, electronics can also be pre-programmed with complex code that is difficult to delineate. Fortunately, with a little focus and attention, you can make your electronics even more functional. I began thinking carefully about what I could do to troubleshoot devices in my home, and I was able to find a team of professionals who really knew how to fix things. They went through the entire space and worked hard to make things right, and it was cool to see how much they helped.


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Break The Upgrade Chain When You Break Your Phone

Breaking a phone is unfortunately common, and repair services do exist that will fix your phone rather than require you to buy a new one. These repair services have often come under editorial fire for charging a lot when the parts themselves don't cost much. You often see admonishments to just get a new phone because then you'll get better technology for about the same price. However, this is not always the case; in fact, it's frequently not the case. Repair costs and newer technology aren't always on equal footing, and repairing your phone is still a frugal way to stay connected.

Age of Phone vs. Type of Repair

Despite the image of milennials chucking old phones as soon as a new model comes out, more people of all generations tend to hang onto trusty older phones that do exactly what the owner needs them to do. This can lead to people using technology that is several years out of date, and if something happens to the phone, you might think that's a clue to get a new one. But the type of repair plays a role, too. If you have a smartphone that is several years old and working fine, but you crack the screen, that's such a simple repair that getting a new phone seems like overkill.

Age of Phone vs. Chronic Repairs

Like cars, there comes a point in phone life when repair costs really do overtake new-phone prices. If you have an old phone and find yourself making the same repair over and over again, for reasons beyond your control (e.g., your kid keeps dropping the phone and breaking the screen -- which you can stop -- versus something happening internally to the phone's circuitry), then getting a new phone is necessary. There are so many models available for all operating systems that finding a suitable phone is not that hard.

New Bells and Whistles and Their Annoyance Factor

Of course, with new phones come new functions or graphics that you may not need. Sometimes you can ignore these, but other times you may be confronted by them every time you try to use the phone (kind of like when Clippy would show up all the time when you'd type something in Microsoft Word, whether you needed help or not). If you are so annoyed by new features that the phone becomes less useful to you, it doesn't make sense to get a new phone unless the old one is really giving you problems.

If something's up with your phone, take it to a repair shop first, like Refurb Kings, because what may look awful to you could be really easy for the shop to fix. Save the cost and time associated with learning a new phone instead.