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Troubleshooting Different Devices

When it comes right down to it, it isn't easy to troubleshoot electronics. In addition to having delicate circuitry, electronics can also be pre-programmed with complex code that is difficult to delineate. Fortunately, with a little focus and attention, you can make your electronics even more functional. I began thinking carefully about what I could do to troubleshoot devices in my home, and I was able to find a team of professionals who really knew how to fix things. They went through the entire space and worked hard to make things right, and it was cool to see how much they helped.


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2 Rules for Creating an Engaging & Readable Custom Digital Display

If you just had a digital display installed in your gym, you now need to learn how to use that display effectively. There are some rules that you are going to want to follow to ensure that the content you produce is easy to ready and is also engaging for your audience.

#1 Only Show One Video at a Time

Although it may seem like a great use of the shape to split the display and show two videos side by side, this is actually a very unproductive tactic. When two videos are displayed side by side, it is hard for the eye to focus on either video. Instead of getting out double the information at once, you are likely to negate both of the messages that you were trying to get across instead.

If you have two different videos that you want to show, show one and then the other; don't show them at the same time on a split screen. It is incredibly hard for the human eye to focus on two moving things at once, and your messages is more likely to be lost when you use this method. Sometimes, it is better to take things slow then it is to cram as much as you can onto your displays.

#2 The Bigger the Text—the Better

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the size of text that you use on your digital display. Once you write something, it becomes easy for your brain to read what you wrote, no matter how big or small or how legible it actually is.

That is why after you add text to a digital display, you should have someone try to read it from far away who doesn't know what it says. Your brain will fill in the blanks even if it is hard to read; since they don't know what is written, they will be able to actually tell you if the font is readable and if it is large enough.

When deciding text size, it is always better to error larger than smaller. Your audience will be reading the text from a variety of different distances, and will have a variety of different eyesight abilities, so going larger is the best way to ensure that the most people present will be able to read your message.

When adding content to your custom digital display in your gym, only display one moving image at once to increase the impact of that video or information. When adding text, remember larger is generally always better. Finally, run your display set-up by someone who didn't create it to make sure that it is understandable, readable, and not overwhelming.